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I couldn’t even make myself watch the coverage of the inauguration today, and this was the main reason why: idiotic “journalist” fawning over the President like he were some sort of god. This particular CNN reporter, at the very sight of Obama, could hardly believe he…

I feel like I need to gag myself.

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    oh u know it gurl
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    PRDS, please use the Cantor pic as much as humanly possible. Though I see it’s already gotten some use today. :)
  4. wizardvarnish said: it does give me quite a pain in the ol’ gulliver- a real horror show we have become now-a true horror show indeed. howling madness is the libtard din.
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    What’s even better is that Jim Acosta, this reporter, was CNN’s traveling press for Mitt Romney. I’m sure you can find...
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